Monthly Archives: May 2012

Pasta Salad with broccoli, kalamata olives, red onion, and salami

Pasta Salad – Simple as Boiling Water

“If you can boil water, you can make this recipe”. It cracks me up when I hear people say this or, “It’s as easy as boiling an egg”. Do you know how many different ways there are to boil an egg? Not to mention other variables like the altitude where you live or  your particular […]

Chicken Liver Pate

Whenever I buy a whole chicken and think about how I am going to prepare it, I usually get more excited about what I am going to do with the innards. I imagine most people throw them out with the trash, but I love to just fry them up in a quick flour dust and […]

Soft Shell Crab

I loathe the times I get a craving for a certain dish and plan my day around having that for dinner, just to find out mid shopping that the main ingredient is out of season. I am so spoiled by this world of instant gratification that I sometimes forget you really cannot get anything you […]

The Secret of the Santa Cruz Mountains

For most people, the thought of “Santa Cruz” conjures up thoughts of a small surfer community with cute little beach condos and the old school theme park, “The Beach Boardwalk”. Personally, I used to think of Santa Cruz as the place where the fringe people lived. Years ago I worked just at the bottom of the hill on the San Jose side […]

Grilled Artichokes

Working as a traveling salesman can get pretty tiresome, especially after doing it for 10+ years. The one perk that I do not get tired of though is the food. I make it a point to always try and find the neighborhood gems and the off-the-beaten-path smaller restaurants. Of course, I don’t always get to […]

It Takes Two To Mango Salsa

Mothers Day was this past weekend and we spent it like just about every holiday- cooking. Only on Mothers Day, it is just me since the wife takes the day off. At least from helping to cook and the clean up…the laundry still has to get done you know. So when it is just me […]

Accidents Happen

Time in the kitchen is my way of decompressing, my attempt at a moment of Zen. Over the past couple months though, I didn’t really have the desire to get in there and do much of anything. Life, career, kids, whatever – I just hadn’t been feeling it. Last week though, that spark came back and […]