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2012 2nd Half Stock Picks

Symbols in this article: PG, CHD A couple years ago I was able to transfer my 401k from a company I left to a self-directed IRA account. I was sick of only being able to invest in mutual funds, especially after the crash when all the funds took a nose dive, but I still had […]

Domain Drouhin

9 Hours In Seattle

I spent 9 hours in Seattle on Wednesday and it took nearly half that long to fly there and back. Zooming from meeting to meeting, I saw the Space Needle, Pikes Market, 40 Starbucks, and Mt. Rainier. This is what I call high speed sight seeing. After a long day at work, I settled down at […]

foie gras

Au Revoir Foie Gras

Goodbye dear friend – you will be missed, at least in California starting July 1st. That means you still have time to book a babysitter, make reservations for Friday and Saturday night at a fancy restaurant, and get your goodbye kiss. Here is a list of some of my favorites throughout the State. The picture above is the pate […]

Pho Kim Long

Signs, Signs, Every Where Signs

Today, I had Pho for the 1,000th time so I made sure to have it at the King of all places, Pho Kim Long. While their beef noodle soup was quite tasty, it was their sign that stole the show for me. In my travels, I have always made a point of taking pictures of signs that […]

Happy 70th

Happy Father’s Day “Old” Man

Last week I was lucky enough to score a couple VIP suite tickets to see Van Halen play at the Shark Tank. Even though I am not a fan of VH (let the hate mail begin), I still consider myself lucky because the suite is open bar and I get to hang out with some great friends. […]

Picchetti Winery

There Is Always Time For Wine

A part of me misses working in Cupertino – the part that liked being so close to a winery that I could sneak away from work in the afternoon and be back before anyone realized I was gone. Not many people realize this, but just on the outskirts of Cupertino there some great wineries you can get to in about […]

Salmon Sashimi

Sashimi Made From The Japanese Markets

Similar to our abundance of great restaurants, we are so spoiled by our access to countless ethnic grocery chains here in the bay area of California. Last week at the airport, I ran into an old friend from my hometown, Modesto, and he asked if I would ever move back. Honestly, I could never imagine […]

Chimichurri Sauce

A Chimichurri, Not The Chimichurri

I have never been to Argentina or Peru so I am not sure what “authentic” chimichurri should be exactly. Judging from the reading I have done on several of the typical recipe sites and a few blogs though, it seems some people are pretty passionate about their chimichurri. Apparently, there are a few purists out there who are quite adamant […]

Water Boiled Fish – A Lesson In Translation

The translated name of this dish, “Water Boiled Fish” sure doesn’t sound all that interesting; in fact, it sounds down right boring and bland. Surely, something is lost in translation here because it is nowhere near boring. It is the antithesis of boring. Instead, it is a firecracker of heat that has layers and layers […]

Thai Red Curry Chicken

The beauty of living in the Bay Area of California is that we have such a wide range of restaurants to choose from. Within a 30 minute drive you can pretty much find a restaurant specializing in dishes from just about every culture. We have the typical Mexican restaurants as well as representation from countries […]