Signs, Signs, Every Where Signs

Pho Kim Long

And Hard?

Today, I had Pho for the 1,000th time so I made sure to have it at the King of all places, Pho Kim Long. While their beef noodle soup was quite tasty, it was their sign that stole the show for me. In my travels, I have always made a point of taking pictures of signs that are a little out of the ordinary or just flat-out crack me up. So in celebration of consuming my 1,000th bowl of Pho, I present my collection of fantastic signage. Hopefully, you find it as Pho King funny as I do. Fair warning – this is politically incorrect.

First up, a bus in New Orleans. We were on our way to a pretty cool party held at the place where they make the Mardi Gras parade floats. It was only after I got on the bus I realized what I was riding. I am totally offended by this one since it should read, mentally handicapped prostitute. The insensitivity of calling them tards is just wrong.


Belongs In Urban Dictionary

Next up, something near and dear to my heart – good old wreckeded Engrish. I park in this lot all the time and have to grind my teeth every time I wait for the shuttle. I am not sure who is to blame here – the sign company or the person who huang it?

Please pay sign


In England, their grammar isn’t much better, but they certainly know the law. Absolutely no beating of the staff. It will not be tolerated!

London sign

No Beatings!

San Francisco is always pushing the limits. Outside one of my favorite Irish bars that serves one of the best lamb burgers in the world (The Chieftain), was this wonderful billboard. Gotta love SF.

ass sign

Ain’t this the truth!

OK, so if you are already offended, it is probably a good time to stop reading. Here is a popular bumper sticker I have seen over and over lately. Seems to be really popular in Salinas and surrounding area. Took me a year to figure out what it was supposed to mean, but my initial interpretation was Not Now.

not now sticker

Not Now!

About 10 years ago, I was lucky enough to “have” to travel to Alaska for a couple trade shows. I put up a good fight. While there, I had dinner at the Captain Hook where I ate my first ever amuse bouche. I was there for the summer solstice and got to head out to see Mt. Everest. Rough, rough trip. On my way back from Denali, I noticed this fantastic gem.

Skinny Dicks Halfway Inn

You can check in, but you will leave unsatisfied.

Heading due south, I literally almost ran into this sign in Mexico. It may as well have read, “Because Caucasians are just too damn tall!”. Where is the “mira su cabeza” sign? And were they thinking ahead for when they could get the website

Mexico Sign

?Donde Esta Su Cabeza A?

This last one is a bit of a personal favorite. I worked at a company called Promise and have always been a fan of the good ole PBR. When I stopped to take the picture, in the middle of the ghetto of Milwaukee, some lady stopped her car and asked if I was buying the bar and when we were re-opening. Ahhhh….I wish.

Promise PBR

Love me some PBR!

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