Easy Kabobs For Simple Grilling


It is the 4th of July and that means it is time for some backyard grilling with friends and family. I prefer to spend my time with our guests and not the entire time at the grill cooking some laborious feast, especially if I have to pay attention to a bunch of different diet requirements. I find that kabobs are a slam dunk meal that can be easily pre-prepared and customized ahead of time. If I am feeling super lazy, I will even buy all the meat and vegetables pre-cut. Then it is just a matter of marinating and skewering ahead of time and a quick grill when it is time to eat.

basque sauceFor my marinade, I also go the easy route and buy this awesome Basque sauce that is fantastic on beef and even better on lamb. Marinate them a couple of hours ahead of time or, better yet, overnight. If I do chicken or salmon skewers, I usually use a teriyaki sauce like Soy Vay’s Veri Veri Teriyaki or their Island Teriyaki. While the picture above shows the meat and vegetables mixed on the same skewer, I actually prefer to cook them all on separate skewers so I can get more consistent/proper temperatures on the different ingredients. It may not be as pretty, but I think it makes for better tasting food.

For the veggies, I like to sprinkle them with Tony Chacheres Creole Seasoning. Truth be told, I like that on just about everything, but it is really good with grilled vegetables. Good choices for skewered veggies are quartered red & white onions; whole cherry tomatoes; zuchini sliced in rounds; and sliced red, yellow and orange bell peppers.

Make it easy on yourself and get everything skewered before your guests arrive. Then you can just throw them on a hot grill in batches as people show up. With this prep, the meat and veggies can go on the grill at the same time and, after a couple turns of the skewers, everything should be done within 15 minutes. In fact, depending on your grill, 15 minutes may actually be too long if you want rare meat. The result should be slightly charred meat and veggies that taste good enough to eat right off the skewers.


  1. Jean Kimm · · Reply

    I love this site. Will be using this reciepe and I agree about the meat and veggies.

  2. I live overseas now, but still celebrated the Fourth by grilling. We used smoked sausage in our kabobs, along with some onions, red bell peppers and shrimp. I marinated everything in a simple mix of olive oil, grated garlic, thyme, a splash of balsamic vinegar, and a lot of paprika. If only the Dutch weather would cooperate enough to let us grill out more often!

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