Missing Kauai

Poipu Kauai

Hanging in my cube at work, just above my monitor, is a picture of a far away beach with palm trees and a beautiful sunset view marked up with my scribbling, “08-08”- the date of my then upcoming nuptials in Kauai. I put this picture up years ago when I was just an inside sales guy as a way to get me through the next 20 sales calls and make sure the 21st was the best of all. Since then, it has become my constant reminder that there is more to life than work: work hard, play harder – that is my motto.

I am not certain why, but there are two times a year that the call to mahalo is so much louder than any other – July and December. This year is no different, as I find myself daydreaming about driving through that tunnel of trees, letting go of the world, and hanging out at Poipu Beach on a daily basis. I can almost taste the Tai Chi from Brenecke’s Beach Broiler and feel the sweet pain of the headache to be had the day after. I believe it is time for Bloody Mary’s on the beach and sand between my toes.

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