Playing With Squid


Again, I find myself at the Asian market shopping for seafood that I just can’t find at the major grocery chains. This time the target is whole squid and, luckily, they had plenty. My intention was to make black ink rice for a paella dish, but that subject will be left for another day. With so much squid, I was able to finally try to make something I have been noodling around in my head for some time – shrimsquidacon. Or at least that’s what I am going to call it. In addition, a stuffed squid concoction that turned out looking rather strange, but still quite a treat.

What is shrimsquidacon, you ask? It is shrimp, stuffed in squid, wrapped in bacon, then grilled. Sort of like a turducken, but from the sea with a little hint of piggy. Yes, it is as good as it sounds!

It is very simple to make with the hardest part being the cleaning of the whole squid, but this video proved pretty helpful. After that, just cut the squid body a little bigger than the shrimp, stuff a whole cleaned shrimp in the squid, then wrap in bacon, skewer, and grill. Serve with a chili sauce – some combo of soy and siracha or a hot Asian garlic chili mix is perfect. If you have sweet chili sauce, that is even better.

As for this little oddity pictured below, this is squid stuffed with a crab mix. I happened to have one canned crab left over from a previous experiment and the other basics for a stuffing (onions, egg, mayo, panko crumbs). To give it a kick, I mixed in some smoked Spanish paprika and served on my piquillo pepper sauce. I am going to have to work on this presentation, but the taste was downright scrumptious. In retrospect, adding something like a little bit of Spanish chorizo would have made this over the top.

stuffed squid

Next up, a tale of two paellas. Or maybe three if I can figure out that ink thing!

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  1. Love how you experiment — it sounds so good!

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