Ceviche – Red Snapper


Don’t you just love it when you are walking through the grocery store, list in hand, and you bump into a ridiculous deal that you just can’t pass up even though it doesn’t fit in with anything you were planning to make? Yesterday was one of those lucky days for me. Intending on just picking up some steak for dinner, I ran into a huge display of red snapper that was stacked to the gills and stickered to move. For under $5, I took a pound and a half home with me to make one of my favorite little snacks, ceviche.

This is one of those recipes that is totally built for experimenting with the ingredients and is all about personal preferences. Many of the taquerias around here serve a chunky shrimp ceviche that has avocado and tomato – not my favorite. I have also seen versions with mango or pineapple, both are ok, but a little too fruity for my taste. My recipe is a total cheater way to make it since I use bottled salsa verde, but it does the trick. It is not too spicy since there is no fresh serrano or jalapeno, but it is perfectly lite and zingy.


1 pound of Red Snapper filets
Lemon Juice/Lime Juice
Jar of Salsa Verde (pick your heat tolerance)
½ red onion diced
1 handful of cilantro, rough chopped
1 6oz can of diced green chili


Prepare the fish by cutting the filets into no more than 1” chunks. Personally, I like them this size as each piece is 1 bite. Some versions are made with smaller cuts, as small as maybe ¼”, but that feels more like a salsa to me – just a matter of personal preference. Place the fish in a container or Ziploc bag and cover in lemon & or lime juice. I use a mix of about 50:50. Put the fish in the fridge and let it “cook” in the juice for at least 3 hours or up to overnight, turning to make sure all of the fish is cooked. Be careful though, if you cut 1/4 “ pieces, the fish will be very mushy if left overnight.

Pre-prepare the sauce by combining the salsa verde, onion, cilantro, green chili, and Salt & Pepper. Mix well and stir in 1Tbsp of both lemon and lime juice. Cover and set in the fridge to combine the flavors.

When the fish is cooked through (it will all be white, but not mushy), discard all the juice from the fish and then add the fish to the prepared sauce, gently mixing. Let this sit for a couple hours then serve chilled with tortilla chips, Tapito, and a Corona with lime. Close your eyes and imagine you are sitting on a beach in a tiny fishing village in Mexico.


  1. Sounds amazing!!

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