Taco Salad

taco salad

No story today, just a recipe.

Taco Salad


1 package of ground turkey meat
Mexican Chili Powder
Mexican Oregeno
Tony Chachere Creole Seasoning
Ground black pepper
1 head of Iceberg lettuce rough chopped
1 palm full of cilantro, rough chop the leaves
2 tomatoes cubed
2 avocados cubed
Lime juice
Tortilla Chips


Brown the turkey meat over med-hi heat, shaking in the spices while stirring and cooking. I don’t measure this out, just sprinkle in along the way to coat the meat and then taste/adjust once it is cooked through. Do not add any salt since the Creole seasoning is pretty salty already. While the meat is browning, prep all the vegetables and then mix them in a large bowl. Add in the turkey meat once it is done and mix with the vegetables. Squirt in lime juice and sprinkle with the Creole Seasoning, mix and repeat. Serve in salad bowls and top with crushed tortilla chips.

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