Grilled Whole Lobster

Lobster TailI am wondering if maybe it is time to re-title this blog to something more along the lines of “Cooking With Kids” or “Daddy Day Care Meals”. Traveling has all but ceased and most of my free time now is pretty much consumed with occupying these young minds. And now that my son is getting to an age where he can actually help out in the kitchen and he is young enough to still want to hang out with me, it seems like most of the fun cooking lately has been alongside the little ones.

Case-in-point, last week I took them to my favorite Asian grocery store where they have a fantastic fish department with tanks of live seafood – crabs, lobsters, spot prawns, all the regular fish through to the big scary looking ones that I have no idea how to prepare, even urchin. It is like a free aquarium.

I made the trek thinking I would pick up some spot prawns, but my kids were all over the lobsters. I had made lobsters a couple years back with my son and it obviously had made an impression because he kept telling his sister how good they were. She was stuck somewhere between fear and excitement, totally enamored by them. So at $8.99 a pound I figured what the heck and picked out two medium sized ones.

The last time we made these, I was a bit apprehensive about how my son would react to me killing the lobster. His reaction back then, a simple “Sorry Guys!” and nothing more. So I figured we were good to go this time around. I guess this is my lesson in raising a girl.

Her reaction to me just pulling out the knife and heading for the lobster, “Daddy is going to hurt the lobsters”, in a very concerned voice. As I put the knife through the first lobster, she went running for Mommy. And I guess my son has since grown a conscience (or is now squeamish) because he hightailed it out of there too and never came back to help. Guess it is a good thing I didn’t buy a live lamb for Easter.Grilled LobsterGrilled Lobster

While my son didn’t care much to see the process, it wasn’t enough to scare him vegan. He was the first one at the table and dove right in, eating more than his fair share. My daughter on the other hand, who I would have sworn would have ate her weight in lobster, refused to even try it.

Lobster SmileLobster Stuffed

Here is how I prepared these – not quite a perfected method yet. I want a little crispness/char on the meat, but don’t want to lose the tomalley. Not sure how to make the char happen without putting them meat side down though.


(2) 2.5lb Whole Lobsters
1.5 Sticks of Butter
Handful of Parsley Chopped
Creole Seasoning
Olive Oil


Heat grill ahead of time to cook with direct heat. Prepare the butter by softening 1 stick then stir in the parsley, creole seasoning, pepper and a little olive oil. Set in fridge until you are ready to put on the lobster.

Prepare lobsters by cutting in half lengthwise with it’s belly facing up. Not all the way through, but enough so the lobster will fold in half. I find it is easiest to use scissors to cut through the tail, then use a sharp knife to slice the tail meat. Clean out the intestine and rinse – keep the tomalley if you like it. (I did one with and one without, but in turning my lobster while grilling, I lost the tomalley when it fell out). I also pre-cracked the shells of the claws. Slather the meat with butter and then drizzle both sides with olive oil.

Put on the grill, shell side down so the butter can melt into the meat. Cover the lobsters with an aluminum serving pan and cook for 8-10 minutes. I flipped mine a couple times and moved them around probably a bit more than I should have, but the butter flared a couple times.



  1. Don Zuber · · Reply

    A wonderful blog! A simple and creative recipe for a sometimes “troublesome to cook creature.” It looked so good, I wanted to lick the screen, (but held back). Next time we are down from Sacramento to visit Cara and Jeremy, we will stop by for a taste. Keep the fire going.
    Don Zuber

    1. Thanks! You all are welcome anytime.

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