Introducing Lil’kk: Welcome To The Wide World Of Blogging Son

Lil KK

It has been just over one year since I started this little blog project and I am happy to report that I have enjoyed the process immensely. As I mentioned in previous posts, I really like the whole geek factor – the technology behind it and the “marketing” stuff like search engine optimization and seeing how people from all over the world have found my site, from countries I have never even heard of. Which reminds me – BIG shout out to my fans in Brunei Darussalam…wherever you are!

Of course, I also find the writing to be a sort of much needed therapy session, just a whole lot cheaper than real therapy. So what started out as a little experiment that I was somewhat skeptical of has turned into something that I would recommend everyone to try.

So much so, that I am introducing my seven year old son to the world of blogging and to as much of the technology that surrounds it as possible. Like most kids his age, he is into video games like Minecraft (Dad approved) and Castle Crashers (Dad hates) and has already started using the internet to research things that interest him. It turns out that there are all kinds of YouTube videos and even entire channels dedicated to game reviews and how-to’s that he watches, as much for knowledge gathering as for entertainment.

For me though, I can’t stand watching these videos as they are either incredibly boring or extremely annoying. I am guessing it is a generation gap thing though because they are crazy popular with his age group. So I figured I would take this as an opportunity to spend some quality time with him as well as turn a rather unproductive activity into a learning experience. And hopefully create some videos that are more palatable for the Dad’s out there.

We have actually already begun slowly limping into this. I set up his website,, about a month or so back and we have been experimenting with recording videos via the iPad. So far our effort has been weak to say the least – only one video up so far.

But this week it goes full force. After doing some research, I took the plunge this weekend and invested in an HD capture device, an Elgato Game Capture HD High Definition Game Recorder. It took me longer to drive to the store and back than it did to install and record our first test video. It is super easy to use and looks like it will easily integrate with some other tools (i.e. xsplit) to make some pretty impressive content. So while I get to spend time with him and help him learn something, I also get to learn some cool new tricks myself.

HD Capture

I have to admit, the geek in me is pretty excited. I grew up playing video games like M.U.L.E. and The Bard’s Tale on a Commodore. Back then, I even dabbled in writing my own games in Basic for that system. I wasted countless hours playing a submarine simulator on our Mac. I was a Legend in Zelda. Played my share of Quake, Duke Nuke’em, Warcraft, Diablo II. Racked up hours in MDK and every year of Madden. Even to this day, I sneak in some XBOX time when I can. And while the inner geek is being fed, the Daddy in me is stoked to share some QT with my boy in a shared hobby.

So for this Daddy Geek, it is definitely going to make for an interesting second year in the blogosphere. Who knows, maybe my boy will even let me be a guest blogger every once in awhile.


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