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Lil KK

Introducing Lil’kk: Welcome To The Wide World Of Blogging Son

It has been just over one year since I started this little blog project and I am happy to report that I have enjoyed the process immensely. As I mentioned in previous posts, I really like the whole geek factor – the technology behind it and the “marketing” stuff like search engine optimization and seeing […]

Lobster Tail

Grilled Whole Lobster

I am wondering if maybe it is time to re-title this blog to something more along the lines of “Cooking With Kids” or “Daddy Day Care Meals”. Traveling has all but ceased and most of my free time now is pretty much consumed with occupying these young minds. And now that my son is getting […]

Pizza Burger

Pizza Burger – Homework Part Deux

Souffake! It’s a pizza burger! And another Souffake for trying to write a draft post on my mobile device and accidentally hitting publish! If you read the draft from your email inbox, rest assured, I did not have a stroke, I was not abducted by aliens, and, yes, I know better than to post a […]

Chocolate Souffle Flourless Cake

This Month’s Homework Project – Make Your Own Recipe: Chocolate Soufflé Meets Chocolate Flourless Cake

  The Kimm’s Chocolate Souffake          What happens when you try and mash up a flourless chocolate cake and a chocolate soufflé recipe? You get Souffake, of course. Just in case you are wondering why I would even do such a thing, it is a two part answer. First, the whole dairy thing. Second, apparently traditional […]

Hopping John

Hopping John By Kalen

A wise old lady once told me, “Thank God for delays and disappointments.” While it has been years since I have heard this, I have never forgotten these words. Initially, I chalked it up to the rants of a crazy old Creole lady, but over the years, this saying has proven to be fantastic words […]

Lamb Roast

Easter Feast – Spitfire Roasted Whole Lamb

While I have not officially created a bucket list, I have in my head a sort of culinary list of things that I would like to try before my time is through here. My list is a mix of eating at different restaurants like The French Laundry, trying ethnic cuisines in their respective countries, cooking […]


A Trip Back In Time – Fishing Bahia Asuncion

Eating ceviche and drinking a Corona last week made me reminisce about my trip down to Bahia Asuncion I took a couple years ago, during my pre-blogging era. I have always wanted to journal the trip, but never really got around to writing anything down so I figured now was as good a time as any. […]

Horse and knight

Show Them Your Warface! A Day At The Renaissance Faire

The Renaissance Faire. Oh yes, The Renaissance Faire. Up until this weekend I have never been to one. Not surprising, if you know me, since just the idea of it conjures up every little thing that annoys me all wrapped up in one weird festival of wack jobs. Oh, let’s go get dressed up in […]

Poipu Kauai

Missing Kauai

Hanging in my cube at work, just above my monitor, is a picture of a far away beach with palm trees and a beautiful sunset view marked up with my scribbling, “08-08”- the date of my then upcoming nuptials in Kauai. I put this picture up years ago when I was just an inside sales guy as a way to get […]

Capitola Houses

A Weekend In Capitola

After the 100 degree temps we had a couple of weeks ago, I decided it might be a good idea to head to the beach for a nice little family getaway to cool down. After skimming through some rental sites, I booked a pretty short notice trip for us to stay a few nights out in […]