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Chocolate Souffle Flourless Cake

This Month’s Homework Project – Make Your Own Recipe: Chocolate Soufflé Meets Chocolate Flourless Cake

  The Kimm’s Chocolate Souffake          What happens when you try and mash up a flourless chocolate cake and a chocolate soufflé recipe? You get Souffake, of course. Just in case you are wondering why I would even do such a thing, it is a two part answer. First, the whole dairy thing. Second, apparently traditional […]


News Alert: Blogging Is Not Journalism

If you read it on the internet, it must be true. Or so some would like you to believe. This seems to be especially true in the finance world of blogging and I am surprised it is so rampant. Actually, nothing surprises me anymore – I guess a better word is irritated. One would think […]

beer in the rear chicken or beer can chicken

Excuse Me Chicken

I know I am not supposed to play with my food and it is disrespectful to the poor chickens we ate, but I couldn’t help myself. I always thought a beer in the rear chicken looked kind of funny. Two together though are just down right hilarious. Everybody conga!  


2012 2nd Half Stock Picks

Symbols in this article: PG, CHD A couple years ago I was able to transfer my 401k from a company I left to a self-directed IRA account. I was sick of only being able to invest in mutual funds, especially after the crash when all the funds took a nose dive, but I still had […]

Pho Kim Long

Signs, Signs, Every Where Signs

Today, I had Pho for the 1,000th time so I made sure to have it at the King of all places, Pho Kim Long. While their beef noodle soup was quite tasty, it was their sign that stole the show for me. In my travels, I have always made a point of taking pictures of signs that […]