Monthly Archives: February 2013


A Trip Back In Time – Fishing Bahia Asuncion

Eating ceviche and drinking a Corona last week made me reminisce about my trip down to Bahia Asuncion I took a couple years ago, during my pre-blogging era. I have always wanted to journal the trip, but never really got around to writing anything down so I figured now was as good a time as any. […]


Ceviche – Red Snapper

Don’t you just love it when you are walking through the grocery store, list in hand, and you bump into a ridiculous deal that you just can’t pass up even though it doesn’t fit in with anything you were planning to make? Yesterday was one of those lucky days for me. Intending on just picking […]


Baozi and Braised Duck Legs

Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the snake is looking to be a good one so far and last year, which happened to be my year, year of the Dragon, was a pretty darned good one. So to give a proper goodbye to the old and kick off the celebration for the new, I tried […]